Vacation accrual cap removal extended through end of June

The cap on vacation accruals for staff not represented by unions will remain off through June 30, 2021, David DeJong, senior vice chancellor for Business & Operations, announced at the Feb. 17 Senate Council meeting.

The vacation accrual cap was lifted in April 2020 until November 2020. In December, it was extended until the end of this month. Now, if your current maximum is 75 hours and you already have built up that much time, you will continue to add hours at your current accrual rate until June. After that, no more time will be added, but you will have all the accrued time to use even when the cap is put back in place.

This move was taken because of the difficulty of taking vacation time or trips during the pandemic. “Even though it's probably hard to travel to Maui right now, we are really encouraging people to take advantage of vacation time for their own self-care, for their own resiliency,” DeJong said.

Staff Council President Andy Stephany said at Senate Council that he and other staff are very grateful for the cap removal. “Staff share with me that this is a tremendous value, and we want to partner to encourage staff to use days to avoid a tremendous surplus moving forward,” he said. “There are areas of campus where staff are under tremendous stress to continue to grind away, where staff need to be at positions on site and cannot get away when their office is open. And I want a partner to find ways to support those staff in particular.”

For more information about the vacation cap, go to the HR website.